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2017A broad range quorum sensing inhibitor working through sRNA inhibitionStegger, Marc; Lorenzen, Frederik; Rybtke, Morten; Moscoso, Joana A.; Jakobsen, Tim H.; Warming, Anders N.; Vejborg, Rebecca M.; Andersen, Jens B.; Petersen, Rico; Andersen, Paal Skytt; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Filloux, Alain; Ingmer, Hanne; Givskov, Michael
2015C-di-GMP regulates pseudomonas aeruginosa stress response to tellurite during both planktonic and biofilm modes of growthChua, Song Lin; Sivakumar, Krishnakumar; Rybtke, Morten; Yuan, Mingjun; Andersen, Jens Bo; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim; Cao, Bin; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Yang, Liang
2018Combination therapy strategy of quorum quenching enzyme and quorum sensing inhibitor in suppressing multiple quorum sensing pathways of P. AeruginosaFong, July; Zhang, Chaodong; Yang, Renliang; Boo, Zhao Zhi; Tan, Soon Keat; Givskov, Michael; Liu, Xue-Wei; Bin, Wu; Su, Haibin; Yang, Liang; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland
 2016Disulfide Bond-Containing Ajoene Analogues As Novel Quorum Sensing Inhibitors of Pseudomonas aeruginosaFong, July; Yuan, Mingjun; Jakobsen, Tim Holm; Mortensen, Kim T.; Delos Santos, May Margarette Salido; Chua, Song Lin; Yang, Liang; Tan, Choon Hong; Givskov, Michael; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland
2013Extracellular DNA shields against aminoglycosides in pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilmsChiang, Wen-Chi; Nilsson, Martin; Jensen, Peter Østrup; Høiby, Niels; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
 2015A four-component reaction for the synthesis of dioxadiazaborocinesFlagstad, Thomas; Petersen, Mette Terp; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland
2013Identification of five structurally unrelated quorum-sensing inhibitors of pseudomonas aeruginosa from a natural-derivative databaseTan, Sean Yang-Yi; Chua, Song-Lin; Chen, Yicai; Rice, Scott A.; Kjelleberg, Staffan; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Yang, Liang; Givskov, Michael
2019Itaconimides as novel quorum sensing inhibitors of Pseudomonas aeruginosaFong, July; Mortensen, Kim T.; Nørskov, Amalie; Qvortrup, Katrine; Yang, Liang; Tan, Choon Hong; Givskov, Michael; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland
 2018Oxidative modification of tryptophan-containing peptidesPetersen, Jonas; Christensen, Katrine E.; Nielsen, Mathias T.; Mortensen, Kim T.; Komnatnyy, Vitaly V.; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Qvortrup, Katrine
2018Repurposing the anticancer drug cisplatin with the aim of developing novel Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection control agentsYuan, Mingjun; Chua, Song Lin; Liu, Yang; Drautz-Moses, Daniela Isabel; Yam, Joey Kuok Hoong; Aung, Thet Tun; Beuerman, Roger W.; Salido, May Margarette Santillan; Schuster, Stephan Christoph; Tan, Choon-Hong; Givskov, Michael; Yang, Liang; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland
2019Small molecule anti-biofilm agents developed on the basis of mechanistic understanding of biofilm formationQvortrup, Katrine; Hultqvist, Louise Dahl; Nilsson, Martin; Jakobsen, Tim Holm; Jansen, Charlotte Uldahl; Uhd, Jesper; Andersen, Jens Bo; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland; Givskov, Michael; Tolker-Nielsen, Tim
2017Synthesis and biological evaluation of dihydropyrano-[2,3-c]pyrazoles as a new class of PPARγ partial agonistsQvortrup, Katrine; Jensen, Jakob F.; Sørensen, Mikael S.; Kouskoumvekaki, Irene; Petersen, Rasmus K.; Taboureau, Olivier; Kristiansen, Karsten; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland
 2015Synthesis of substituted γ- and δ-lactams through mannich-type reactions of solid-supported N -acyliminium ionsKomnatnyy, Vitaly V.; Taveras, Kennedy M.; Nandurkar, Nitin S.; Le Quement, Sebastian T.; Givskov, Michael; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland