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2013The extended growth of graphene oxide flakes using ethanol CVDHuang, Jingfeng; Larisika, Melanie; Fam, Derrick Wen Hui; He, Qiyuan; Nimmo, Myra A.; Nowak, Christoph; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2013Fully organic graphene oxide-based sensor with integrated pump for sodium detectionHuang, Jingfeng; Harvey, James; Chen, Hu; Faulkner, Steve; King, James; Nimmo, Myra A.; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2014Growth of reduced graphene oxideHuang, Jingfeng; Chen, Hu; Fam, Derrick; Faulkner, Steve H.; Niu, Wenbin; Larisika, Melanie; Nowak, Christoph; Nimmo, Myra A.; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2013Mechanism of graphene oxide as a growth template for complete reduced graphene oxide coverage on SiO2 substrateNimmo, Myra A.; Huang, Jingfeng; Fam, Derrick Wen Hui; He, Qiyuan; Chen, Hu; Zhan, Da; Faulkner, Steve; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2013Novel biosensor for interleukin-6 detectionNimmo, Myra A.; Huang, Jingfeng; Harvey, James; Fam, Derrick Wen Hui; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong