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2021Elbow motion trajectory prediction using a multi-modal wearable system : a comparative analysis of machine learning techniquesLittle, Kieran; Pappachan, Bobby Kaniyamkudy; Yang, Sibo; Noronha, Bernardo; Campolo, Domenico; Accoto, Dino
2021Exoskeletal devices for hand assistance and rehabilitation : a comprehensive analysis of state-of-the-art technologiesNoronha, Bernardo; Accoto, Dino
2021Modelling and optimisation of a mechanism-based metamaterial for a wrist flexion-extension assistive deviceRaghavendra Kulkarni, Suhas; Noronha, Bernardo; Campolo, Domenico; Accoto, Dino
 2020A voice activated bi-articular exosuit for upper limb assistance during lifting tasksKim, Yongtae G.; Little, Kieran; Noronha, Bernardo; Xiloyannis, Michele; Masia, Lorenzo; Accoto, Dino