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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An analysis of small dimensional fading wiretap lattice codesDucoat, Jérôme; Oggier, Frédérique
2014Applications of quasi-uniform codes to storageThomas, Eldho K.; Oggier, Frédérique
2018BiVA : Bitcoin network visualization & analysisOggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman
2014Construction and secrecy gain of a family of 5-modular latticesHou, Xiaolu; Lin, Fuchun; Oggier, Frédérique
2014Constructions A of lattices from number fields and division algebrasVehkalahti, Roope; Kositwattanarerk, Wittawat; Oggier, Frédérique
2018EGRET : extortion graph exploration techniques in the Bitcoin networkPhetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Oggier, Frédérique; Datta, Anwitaman
2018Entropic centrality for non-atomic flow networksOggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman
2018Entropy-based graph clustering - a simulated annealing approachOggier, Frédérique; Phetsouvanh, Silivanxay; Datta, Anwitaman
2014Information inequalities and finite groups : an overviewMarkin, Nadya; Oggier, Frédérique
2013An information-theoretic security evaluation of a class of randomized encryption schemesOggier, Frédérique; Mihaljević, Miodrag J.
2015Lattice Encoding of Cyclic Codes from Skew-polynomial RingsDucoat, Jérôme; Oggier, Frédérique
2014Lattice network coding over Euclidean DomainsVázquez-Castro, M. A.; Oggier, Frédérique
2013Lattices from totally real number fields with large regulatorOng, Soon Sheng; Oggier, Frédérique
2017Maximal Order Codes over Number FieldsMaire, Christian; Oggier, Frédérique
2014On Abelian group representability of finite groupsThomas, Eldho K.; Markin, Nadya; Oggier, Frédérique
2016On applications of orbit codes to storageLiu, Shiqiu; Oggier, Frédérique
2016On LCD Codes and LatticesHou, Xiaolu; Oggier, Frédérique
2015On repairing erasure coded data in an active-passive mixed storage networkDatta, Anwitaman; Oggier, Frédérique
2014On storage codes allowing partially collaborative repairsLiu, Shiqiu; Oggier, Frédérique
2015On the Design of Storage Orbit CodesLiu, Shiqiu; Oggier, Frédérique