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 2012Comparative studies on the structure and magnetic properties of Ni–Zn ferrite powders prepared by glycine-nitrate auto-combustion process and solid state reaction methodGheisari, K.; Bhame, S. D.; Javadpour, S.; Oh, Joo Tien
2003F spots and domain patterns in rhombohedral PbZr0.90Ti0.10O3Huang, Haitao; Zhou, Li Min; Guo, Jun; Hng, Huey Hoon; Oh, Joo Tien; Hing, Peter
2000Processing and characterisation of cordierite-glass-aluminium nitride composite systemOh, Joo Tien
2009Thermal conductivity of AlN-cordierite composite for microelectronic packagingChua, Jonathan Loy Pang.