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 2012From bulk to monolayer MoS2 : evolution of Raman scatteringBaillargeat, Dominique; Li, Hong; Zhang, Qing; Yap, Ray Chin Chong; Tay, Beng Kang; Teo, Edwin Hang Tong; Olivier, Aurelien
2015MOCVD Growth of High-Quality and Density-Tunable GaAs Nanowires on ITO Catalyzed by Au Nanoparticles Deposited by CentrifugationWu, Dan; Tang, Xiaohong; Yoon, Ho Sup; Wang, Kai; Olivier, Aurelien; Li, Xianqiang
2016Parameters study on the growth of GaAs nanowires on indium tin oxide by metal-organic chemical vapor depositionWu, Dan; Tang, Xiaohong; Wang, Kai; Olivier, Aurelien; Li, Xianqiang