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2021Assessing unrealised potential for organ donation after out-of-hospital cardiac arrestHo, Andrew Fu Wah; Tan, Timothy Xin Zhong; Latiff, Ejaz; Shahidah, Nur; Ng, Yih Yng; Leong, Benjamin Sieu-Hon; Lim, Shir Lynn; Pek, Pin Pin; Gan, Han Nee; Mao, Desmond Renhao; Chia, Michael Yih Chong; Cheah, Si Oon; Tham, Lai Peng; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock
 2012Cardiac activity detection : a fast prototyping approach with health safety considerationsGuo, Xufeng; Ser, Wee; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock
2017Ensemble-Based Risk Scoring with Extreme Learning Machine for Prediction of Adverse Cardiac EventsLiu, Nan; Sakamoto, Jeffrey Tadashi; Cao, Jiuwen; Koh, Zhi Xiong; Ho, Andrew Fu Wah; Lin, Zhiping; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock
2020Incidence and outcomes of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in singapore and Victoria : a collaborative studyLim, Shir Lynn; Smith, Karen; Dyson, Kylie; Chan, Siew Pang; Earnest, Arul; Nair, Resmi; Bernard, Stephen; Leong, Benjamin Sieu-Hon; Arulanandam, Shalini; Ng, Yih Yng; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock
 2012An intelligent scoring system and its application to cardiac arrest predictionLiu, Nan; Lin, Zhiping; Cao, Jiuwen; Koh, Zhixiong; Zhang, Tongtong; Huang, Guang-Bin; Ser, Wee; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock
2020Leveraging machine learning techniques and engineering of multi-nature features for national daily regional ambulance demand predictionLin, Adrian Xi; Ho, Andrew Fu Wah; Cheong, Kang Hao; Li, Zengxiang; Cai, Wentong; Chee, Marcel Lucas; Ng, Yih Yng; Xiao, Xiaokui; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock
2014Prediction of adverse cardiac events in emergency department patients with chest pain using machine learning for variable selectionLiu, Nan; Koh, Zhi Xiong; Goh, Junyang; Lin, Zhiping; Haaland, Benjamin; Ting, Boon Ping; Ong, Marcus Eng Hock