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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Autonomous flock brush for non-photorealistic renderingHuang, Hsueh En; Ong, Yew Soon; Chen, Xianshun
2006Classification of adaptive memetic algorithms : a comparative studyOng, Yew Soon; Lim, Meng-Hiot; Zhu, Ning; Wong, Kok Wai
 2012A conceptual modeling of meme complexes in stochastic searchChen, Xianshun; Ong, Yew Soon
2006A context switchable fuzzy inference chipCao, Qi; Lim, Meng-Hiot; Li, Ju Hui; Ong, Yew Soon; Ng, Wil Lie
2018Context-based and explainable decision making with argumentationZeng, Zhiwei; Fan, Xiuyi; Miao, Chunyan; Leung, Cyril; Chin, Jing Jih; Ong, Yew Soon
2014Deep transfer learning for classification of time-delayed Gaussian networksChaturvedi, Iti; Ong, Yew Soon; Arumugam, R. V.
2013Evolution by adapting surrogatesOng, Yew Soon; Le, Minh Nghia; Menzel, Stefan; Jin, Yaochu; Sendhoff, Bernhard
 2012Experiences on memetic computation for locating transition states in biochemical applicationsEllabaan, Mostafa Mostafa Hashim; Ong, Yew Soon
 2012An improved CUDA-based implementation of differential evolution on GPURaimondo, Federico; Forbes, Florence; Ong, Yew Soon; Qin, A. K.
 2012Learning target predictive function without target labelsSeah, Chun-Wei; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Ong, Yew Soon; Mao, Qi
 2012Maximum margin clustering on evolutionary dataFan, Xuhui; Zhu, Lin; Cao, Longbing; Cui, Xia; Ong, Yew Soon
2008Memetic gradient searchLi, Boyang; Ong, Yew Soon; Le, Minh Nghia; Goh, Chi Keong
 2012Multi co-objective evolutionary optimization : cross surrogate augmentation for computationally expensive problemsLe, Minh Nghia; Ong, Yew Soon; Menzel, Stefan; Seah, Chun-Wei; Sendhoff, Bernhard
2006A new machine learning paradigm for terrain reconstructionHuang, Guang-Bin; Yeu, Thomas Chee Wee; Lim, Meng-Hiot; Agarwal, Amit; Ong, Yew Soon
 2011Ockham’s Razor in memetic computing : three stage optimal memetic explorationOng, Yew Soon; Iacca, Giovanni; Neri, Ferrante; Mininno, Ernesto; Lim, Meng-Hiot
 2012Pareto rank learning in multi-objective evolutionary algorithmsSeah, Chun-Wei; Ong, Yew Soon; Tsang, Ivor Wai-Hung; Jiang, Siwei
2009A probabilistic memetic frameworkNguyen, Quang Huy; Ong, Yew Soon; Lim, Meng-Hiot
 2012QuickVina : accelerating AutoDock Vina using gradient-based heuristics for global optimizationHandoko, Stephanus Daniel; Ouyang, Xuchang; Su, Chinh Tran To; Kwoh, Chee Keong; Ong, Yew Soon
 2012A self-adaptive memeplexes robust search scheme for solving stochastic demands vehicle routing problemChen, Xianshun; Feng, Liang; Ong, Yew Soon
 2013A study on like-attracts-like versus elitist selection criterion for human-like social behavior of memetic mulitagent systemsChen, Xuefeng; Zeng, Yifeng; Ong, Yew Soon; Ho, Choon Sing; Xiang, Yanping