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2016High Secured Low Power Multiplexer-LUT Based AES S-Box ImplementationPammu, Ali Akbar; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Ne, Kyaw Zwa Lwin; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2019Highly secure and low overhead countermeasures against side-channel attacksPammu, Ali Akbar
2016Highly secured arithmetic hiding based S-Box on AES-128 implementationPammu, Ali Akbar; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2016Interceptive side channel attack on AES-128 wireless communications for IoT applicationsPammu, Ali Akbar; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Ho, Weng-Geng; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2016Secured Low Power Overhead Compensator Look-Up-Table (LUT) Substitution Box (S-Box) ArchitecturePammu, Ali Akbar; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2016Security analysis of asynchronous-logic QDI cell approach for differential power analysis attackHo, Weng-Geng; Pammu, Ali Akbar; Liu, Nan; Ne, Kyaw Zwa Lwin; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Gwee, Bah Hwee
2016Success rate model for fully AES-128 in correlation power analysisPammu, Ali Akbar; Chong, Kwen-Siong; Lwin, Ne Kyaw Zwa; Ho, Weng-Geng; Liu, Nan; Gwee, Bah Hwee