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20203D direct printing of silicone meniscus implant using a novel heat-cured extrusion-based printerLuis, Eric; Pan, Matthew Houwen; Sing, Swee Leong; Bajpai, Ram; Song, Juha; Yeong, Wai Yee
20203D printed silicone meniscus implants : influence of the 3D printing process on properties of silicone implantsLuis, Eric; Pan, Matthew Houwen; Bastola, Anil Kumar; Bajpai, Ram; Sing, Swee Leong; Song, Juha; Yeong, Wai Yee
20183D printing of hydrogel composite systems: recent advances in technology for tissue engineeringJang, Tae-Sik; Jung, Hyun-Do; Pan, Matthew Houwen; Chen, Shenyang; Song, Juha
 2018Capsule-like safe genetic vectors — cell-penetrating core – shell particles selectively release functional small RNA and entrap its encoding DNAYu, Han; Pan, Matthew Houwen; Evalin; Trau, Dieter; Patzel, Volker
 2019Plant seed-inspired cell protection, dormancy, and growth for large-scale biofabricationPan, Matthew Houwen; Chen, Shengyang; Jang, Tae-Sik; Han, Win Tun; Jung, Hyun-do; Li, Yaning; Song, Juha
2020Recent development in halogen-bonding-catalyzed living radical polymerizationWang, Chen-Gang; Chong, Amerlyn Ming Liing; Pan, Matthew Houwen; Sarkar, Jit; Tay, Xiu Ting; Goto, Atsushi
2021Synthesis of vinyl iodide chain-end polymers via organocatalyzed chain-end transformationChang, Jun Jie; Pan, Matthew Houwen; Goto, Atsushi