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2001Assessment of earthquake ground motions in SingaporePan, Tso Chien; Brownjohn, James Mark William; Leong, Eng Choon
2005Assessment of ground motion amplification and building damagesPan, Tso Chien; Cheng, Kwok Wah; You, Xuting
1993Assessment of reinforced concrete structural elementsPan, Tso Chien; Phang, Kok Wai; Wong, Siu Tee
2001Assessment of structural condition of bridges by dynamic measurementsBrownjohn, James Mark William; Hao, Hong; Pan, Tso Chien
2003Building response to long-distance major earthquakesPan, Tso Chien; Brownjohn, James Mark William; Wang, Yingbiao
2004Dynamic structural response monitoring of tall buildings using GPSBrownjohn, James Mark William; Tor, Yam Koon; Law, Choi Look; Pan, Tso Chien
2003Effects of dynamic loading on Civil Engineering facilitiesPan, Tso Chien; Koh, Chit Boon
2007Integrated structural health monitoring of highway bridges in SingaporeTjin, Swee Chuan; Pan, Tso Chien; Ngo, John Quoc Nam; Rupali Suresh; Zheng, Ruitao; Liu, Duan; Leong, Chee Lai
1997Load testing of a prestressed girderPan, Tso Chien; Cheong, Hee Kiat; Phang, Kok Wai
2005Prediction of maximum probable strong ground motion in Singapore due to Sumatra earthquakesPan, Tso Chien; Megawati, Kusnowidjaja
1995Response of tall buildings to long-distance earthquakesZheng, Ru Mei.
1995Seismic response of non-linear base-isolated shear buildings and their secondary systemsCui, Wei.
2001Vulnerability analysis of buildings under seismic loadingWang, Yingbiao.