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2018Breaking bad news with CONSOLE : toward a framework integrating medical protocols with crisis communicationTan, Kevin Kok-Yew; Pang, Augustine; Kang, Janelle Xiaoting
 2017A broad stroke or different strokes for different folks? Examining the subtleties in crisis management approaches in state-owned enterprises and privately owned enterprises in ChinaPang, Augustine; Hu, Yang; Woon, Eugene
2002Celebrate! a coffee-table book on festivals of Singapore.Benjamin Nadarajan.; Koh, Yuen Lin.; Lee, Hui Chieh.
 2018Communicating in the post‐truth era : analyses of crisis response strategies of Presidents Donald Trump and Rodrigo DuterteNatasha Binte Mohamed Ismail; Pagulayan, Marie Angeline; Francia, Carlo Miguel Alfonso; Pang, Augustine
 2013A comparative study of crisis consultancies between Singapore and Denmark : distant cousins of the same destiny?Pang, Augustine; Frandsen, Finn; Johansen, Winni; Yeo, Su Lin
2002Content analysis of the crisis management efforts of Singapore Airlines in the SQ006 crash.Chua, Teresa Mei Hong.; Ong, Janice Ai Ling.; Tan, Cheryl Hue Chuen.
2016Did BP Atone for its Transgressions? Expanding Theory on ‘Ethical Apology’ in Crisis CommunicationDiers-Lawson, Audra; Pang, Augustine
 2014Enduring image : capturing defining moments in crisesHo, Benjamin; Pang, Augustine; AuYong, Grace Xiao-Pei; Lau, Liang-Tong
 2012Examining the expertise, experience, and expedience of crisis consultants in SingaporePang, Augustine; Yeo, Su Lin
2018Interactivity in online chat : conversational contingency and response latency in computer-mediated communicationShin, Wonsun; Lew, Zijian; Pang, Augustine; Walther, Joseph B.
 2014Negotiating crisis in the social media environment : evolution of crises online, gaining credibility offlinePang, Augustine; Hassan, Nasrath Begam Binte Abul; Chong, Aaron Chee Yang
2001New newspapers in Singapore : impact on the local media scene - a study of Project Eyeball, Streats, Today and Singapore Gazette.Cheng, Chang Hup.
2017The Retransmission of Rumor and Rumor Correction Messages on TwitterChua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Tee, Cheng-Ying; Pang, Augustine; Lim, Ee-Peng
2001Sand in our ballet shoesJosoeb, Irena
2002Shades of grey : the complexities and challenges of evolving with Singapore's new old.Lee, Melanie Min Hui.; Lim, Audra Swee Gek.
2017Toward a theoretical framework for studying climate change policies: insights from the case study of SingaporeNg, Ai Sian; Lwin, May Oo; Pang, Augustine
 2012Towards a crisis pre-emptive image management modelPang, Augustine
 2011US government efforts to repair its image after the 2008 financial crisisPang, Augustine; Chua, Andrea A.
2018Utilization of CSR to build organizations’ corporate image in Asia : need for an integrative approachPang, Augustine; Lwin, May Oo; Ng, Chrystal Shu-Min; Ong, Ying-Kai; Chau, Shannon Rose Wing-Ching; Yeow, Kristle Poh-Sim