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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2018Characterisation of porosity, density, and microstructure of directed energy deposited stainless steel AISI 316LTan, Eddie Zhi’En; Pang, John Hock Lye; Kaminski, Jacek; Pepin, Helene
2000Characterisation of the temperature and time dependent mechanical properties and solderTan, Kwang Hong.
 2012Characterization of IMC layer and its effect on thermomechanical fatigue life of Sn–3.8Ag–0.7Cu solder jointsChe, Faxing; Pang, John Hock Lye
 2013Clothing polymer fibers with well-aligned and high-aspect ratio carbon nanotubesSun, Gengzhi; Zheng, Lianxi; An, Jia; Pan, Yongzheng; Zhou, Jinyuan; Zhan, Zhaoyao; Pang, John Hock Lye; Chua, Chee Kai; Leong, Kah Fai; Li, Lin
2017Crack monitoring using multiple smart materials; fiber-optic sensors & piezo sensorsMaheshwari, Muneesh; Annamdas, Venu Gopal Madhav; Pang, John Hock Lye; Asundi, Anand; Tjin, Swee Chuan
2015Damage monitoring using fiber optic sensors and by analysing electro-mechanical admittance signatures obtained from piezo sensorMaheshwari, Muneesh; Annamdas, Venu Gopal Madhav; Pang, John Hock Lye; Tjin, Swee Chuan; Asundi, Anand Krishna
2004Design-for-reliability methodology for evaluation of lead-free solder performance in electronic packaging assembliesPang, John Hock Lye
2005Design-for-reliability methodology for lead-free solder jointsLow, Tse Hoong
1991Determination of Kic of metalsAng, Hock Eng; Loh, Nee Lam; Seet, Gerald Gim Lee; Pang, John Hock Lye
2004Development of a failure assessment methodology for flip chip electronic assemblyYeo, Alfred Swain Hong.
 2021Directed energy deposition build process control effects on microstructure and tensile failure behaviourTan, Eddie Zhi’En; Pang, John Hock Lye; Kaminski, Jacek
 2011Electrochemical capacitive properties of CNT fibers spun from vertically aligned CNT arraysSun, Gengzhi; Zhou, Jinyuan; Yu, Feng; Zhang, Yani; Pang, John Hock Lye; Zheng, Lianxi
2018Failure Assessment Diagram (FAD) analysis of fatigue test results for X65 welded jointsHoh, Hsin Jen; Pang, John Hock Lye; Tsang, Kin Shun
1997Fatigue cumulative damage and crack propagation analysis of welded jointsShi, Zhao Feng.
2015Fibre optic sensors for load-displacement measurements and comparisons to piezo sensor based electromechanical admittance signaturesPang, John Hock Lye; Tjin, Swee Chuan; Asundi, Anand Krishna; Maheshwari, Muneesh; Annamdas, Venu Gopal Madhav
2001Finite element analysis of flip-chip-on-board assembly subjected to thermal cycling loadingChong, Yok Rue.
 2020Finite element and experimental study on multiaxial fatigue analysis of rail clip failuresLiu, Zhufeng; Tsang, Kin Shun; Liu, Yang; Pang, John Hock Lye
1995Finite element study of adhesive bonded specimen with cracksLui, Wai Meng.
 2012Fracture of Sn-Ag-Cu solder joints on Cu substrates : I. effects of loading and processing conditionsPang, John Hock Lye; Huang, Z.; Kumar, P.; Dutta, I.; Sidhu, R.; Renavikar, M.; Mahajan, R.
 2014Highly reliable carbon nanotube-based composite fibers cross-linked by a 3D polymer networkSun, Gengzhi; Zheng, Lianxi; Zhan, Zhaoyao; Jiang, Chunbo; Hansen, Reinack V.; Khor, Yengpeng; Pang, John Hock Lye