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2009Achievement motivation in the social context : implicit and explicit Hope of Success and Fear of Failure predict memory for and liking of successful and unsuccessful peersVillacorta, Mark A.; Chin, Yammie S.; Morrison, Frederik J.; Pang, Joyce S.
 2010The achievement motive: a review of theory and assessment of N achievement, hope of success, and fear of failurePang, Joyce S.
 2013The associations of sociocultural attitudes towards appearance with body dissatisfaction and eating behaviors in Hong Kong adolescentsLai, Ching-Man; Mak, Kwok-Kei; Pang, Joyce S.; Fong, Shirley S. M.; Ho, Roger C. M.; Guldan, Georgia S.
2018Beating lady luck : effects of competitive gambling on opponent likeability and targeted physical aggressionWee, Kenneth Z.; Pang, Joyce S.
 2010Content coding methods in implicit motive assessment: standards of measurement and best practices for the picture story exercisePang, Joyce S.
2011Influence of parenting on adolescents’ aggressionTan, Poh Long
 2007Measuring implicit motivesSchultheiss, O. C.; Pang, Joyce S.
26-Jan-2016A Puzzle Unsolved: Failure to Observe Different Effects of God and Religion Primes on Intergroup AttitudesRamsay, Jonathan E.; Tong, Eddie M. W.; Pang, Joyce S.; Chowdhury, Avijit
 2012Sticks and stones will break my bones but failure feedback may not hurt me: gender differences in the relationship between achievement motive, coping strategies and environmental masteryTan, Ser Hong.; Pang, Joyce S.