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 2013ABT-199, a potent and selective BCL-2 inhibitor, achieves antitumor activity while sparing plateletsHymowitz, Sarah G.; Jin, Sha; Khaw, Seong Lin; Kovar, Peter J.; Lam, Lloyd T.; Lee, Jackie; Maecker, Heather L.; Marsh, Kennan C.; Mason, Kylie D.; Mitten, Michael J.; Sampath, Deepak; Nimmer, Paul M.; Oleksijew, Anatol; Park, Chang H.; Park, Cheol-Min; Phillips, Darren C.; Roberts, Andrew W.; Seymour, John F.; Smith, Morey L.; Sullivan, Gerard M.; Tahir, Stephen K.; Wendt, Michael D.; Xiao, Yu; Xue, John C.; Zhang, Haichao; Humerickhouse, Rod A.; Rosenberg, Saul H.; Elmore, Steven W.; Tse, Chris; Souers, Andrew J.; Leverson, Joel D.; Boghaert, Erwin R.; Ackler, Scott L.; Catron, Nathaniel D.; Chen, Jun; Dayton, Brian D.; Ding, Hong; Enschede, Sari H.; Fairbrother, Wayne J.; Huang, David C. S.
 2012Carbenoid-mediated N–O bond insertion and its application in the synthesis of pyridinesQi, Xinxin; Dai, Lu; Park, Cheol-Min
2014A catalyst-controlled selective synthesis of pyridines and pyrrolesJiang, Yaojia; Park, Cheol-Min
 2012Expedient synthesis of highly substituted pyrroles via tandem rearrangement of α-diazo oxime ethersJiang, Yaojia; Chan, Wei Chuen; Park, Cheol-Min
 2012Facile synthesis of 2-alkyl/aryloxy-2H-azirines and their application in the synthesis of pyrrolesQi, Xinxin; Xu, Xianxiu; Park, Cheol-Min
 2012Rhodium(III)-catalyzed intramolecular annulation through C-H activation : total synthesis of (±)-antofine, (±)-septicine, (±)-tylophorine, and rosettacinXu, Xianxiu; Liu, Yu; Park, Cheol-Min
 2012Synthesis of 2-aminofurans and 2-unsubstituted furans via carbenoid-mediated [3 + 2] cycloadditionJiang, Yaojia; Khong, Vanessa Zhong Yue; Lourdusamy, Emmanuvel; Park, Cheol-Min
 2013Synthesis of pyridines by carbenoid-mediated ring opening of 2H-azirinesSingh, Alok; Xu, Xianxiu; Park, Cheol-Min; Loy, Nicole S. Y.