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2021The Ayeyarwady River (Myanmar) : washload transport and its global role among rivers in the AnthropoceneLatrubesse, Edgardo M.; Park, Edward; Kästner, Karl
2020Dam failure and a catastrophic flood in the Mekong basin (Bolaven Plateau), southern Laos, 2018Latrubesse, Edgardo Manuel; Park, Edward; Sieh, Kerry; Dang, Thanh; Lin, Yuning Nina; Yun, San-Ho
2017Damming the rivers of the Amazon basinLatrubesse, Edgardo Manuel; Arima, Eugenio Y.; Dunne, Thomas; Park, Edward; Baker, Victor R.; D'Horta, Fernando M.; Wight, Charles; Wittmann, Florian; Zuanon, Jansen; Baker, Paul A.; Ribas, Camila C.; Norgaard, Richard B.; Filizola, Naziano; Ansar, Atif; Flyvbjerg, Bent; Stevaux, Jose C.
2021Flood monitoring in rural areas of the Pearl River Basin (China) using Sentinel-1 SARQiu, Junliang; Cao, Bowen; Park, Edward; Yang, Xiankun; Zhang, Wenxin; Tarolli, Paolo
2020Geoarchaeological evidence of the AD 1642 Yellow River flood that destroyed Kaifeng, a former capital of dynastic ChinaStorozum, Michael; Lu, Peng; Wang, Sanying; Chen, Panpan; Yang, Ruixia; Ge, Qifeng; Cao, Jinping; Wan, Junwei; Wang, Hui; Qin, Zhen; Liu, Haiwang; Park, Edward
2019A geomorphological assessment of wash-load sediment fluxes and floodplain sediment sinks along the lower Amazon RiverPark, Edward; Latrubesse, Edgardo Manuel
2019Impacts of climate change on lake fluctuations in the Hindu Kush-Himalaya-Tibetan PlateauYang, Xiankun; Lu, Xixi; Park, Edward; Tarolli, Paolo
 2018Large lake gauging using fractional imageryPark, Edward; Lewis, Quinn W.; Sanwlani, Nivedita
2020A novel method for river bank detection from Landsat satellite data : a case study in the Vietnamese Mekong DeltaBinh, Doan Van; Wietlisbach, Basil; Kantoush, Sameh; Loc, Ho Huu; Park, Edward; de Cesare, Giovanni; Cuong, Do Huy; Tung, Nguyen Xuan; Sumi, Tetsuya
2020A pathway to the automated global assessment of water level in reservoirs with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)Park, Edward; Merino, Eder; Lewis, Quinn W.; Lindsey, Eric Ostrom; Yang, Xiankun
2021Spatiotemporal changes in mulberry-dyke-fish ponds in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area over the past 40 yearsZhang, Wenxin; Cheng, Wenxin; Qiu, Junliang; Park, Edward; Ran, Lishan; Xie, Xuetong; Yang, Xiankun