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2013Biological aging and social characteristics : gerontology, the Baltimore City Hospitals, and the National Institutes of HealthPark, Hyung Wook
2019Bodies and viruses : biomedicalizing hepatitis B in shaping South Korea's nationhoodPark, Hyung Wook
2015Constructing Failure: Leonard Hayflick, Biomedicine, and the Problems with Tissue CulturePark, Hyung Wook
2008Edmund Vincent Cowdry and the making of gerontology as a multidisciplinary scientific field in the United StatesPark, Hyung Wook
2006Germs, hosts, and the origin of Frank Macfarlane Burnet's concept of "Self " and "Tolerance," 1936-1949Park, Hyung Wook
2018Guest editor’s introduction : understanding creationism in KoreaPark, Hyung Wook
 2018Living as foreign scientists : stories of nineteen expatriate professors in South KoreaPark, Hyung Wook
2010Longevity, aging, and caloric restriction : Clive Maine McCay and the construction of a multidisciplinary research programPark, Hyung Wook
2017Managing failure: Sir Peter Brian Medawar’s transplantation researchPark, Hyung Wook
2021Practicing creationism : science and the new religious practices in South KoreaPark, Hyung Wook
2015Programming Cell Death in the 1960s: Developmental Biology beyond DichotomyPark, Hyung Wook
2017Science, state, and spirituality: Stories of four creationists in South KoreaPark, Hyung Wook; Cho, Kyuhoon
2012Senescence, growth, and gerontology in the United StatesPark, Hyung Wook
2011“Senility and death of tissues are not a necessary phenomenon” : Alexis Carrel and the origins of gerontologyPark, Hyung Wook
2010The shape of the human being as a function of time : time, transplantation, and tolerance in Peter Brian Medawar's research, 1937–1956Park, Hyung Wook
2022South Koreans’ responses to evolution and creationism: a survey and its implicationsPark, Hyung Wook