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2016Eco-friendly streamlined process for sporopollenin exine capsule extractionMundargi, Raghavendra C.; Potroz, Michael G.; Park, Jae Hyeon; Seo, Jeongeun; Tan, Ee-Lin; Lee, Jae Ho; Cho, Nam-Joon
2018Extraction of cage-like sporopollenin exine capsules from dandelion pollen grainsFan, Tengfei; Park, Jae Hyeon; Pham, Quynh Anh; Tan, Ee-Lin; Mundargi, Raghavendra. C.; Potroz, Michael G.; Jung, Haram; Cho, Nam-Joon
2016Extraction of plant-based capsules for microencapsulation applicationsPotroz, Michael G.; Mundargi, Raghavendra C.; Park, Jae Hyeon; Tan, Ee-Lin; Cho, Nam-joon
2019Human blood plasma catalyses the degradation of Lycopodium plant sporoderm microcapsulesFan, Teng-Fei; Potroz, Michael G.; Tan, Ee-Lin; Miyako, Eijiro; Cho, Nam-Joon; Park, Jae Hyeon
2016Inflated sporopollenin exine capsules obtained from thin-walled pollenPark, Jae Hyeon; Seo, Jeongeun; Jackman, Joshua A.; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2017Interfacial forces dictate the pathway of phospholipid vesicle adsorption onto silicon dioxide surfacesBiswas, Kabir Hassan; Jackman, Joshua Alexander; Park, Jae Hyeon; Groves, Jay T.; Cho, Nam-Joon
2018Investigating protein adsorption at solid-liquid interfaces towards the development of functional biomaterial coatingsPark, Jae Hyeon
 2019Modulating conformational stability of human serum albumin and implications for surface passivation applicationsPark, Jae Hyeon; Ferhan, Abdul Rahim; Jackman, Joshua A.; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2017Nanoplasmonic sensors for detecting circulating cancer biomarkersAbdul Rahim Ferhan; Jackman, Joshua A.; Park, Jae Hyeon; Cho, Nam-Joon; Kim, Dong-Hwan
2017Probing the Interaction of Dielectric Nanoparticles with Supported Lipid Membrane Coatings on Nanoplasmonic ArraysFerhan, Abdul Rahim; Ma, Gamaliel Junren; Jackman, Joshua Alexander; Sut, Tun Naw; Park, Jae Hyeon; Cho, Nam-Joon
 2018Therapeutic treatment of Zika virus infection using a brain-penetrating antiviral peptideJackman, Joshua A.; Costa, Vivian V.; Park, Soohyun; Real, Ana Luiza Campos Vila; Park, Jae Hyeon; Cardozo, Pablo L.; Abdul Rahim Ferhan; Olmo, Isabella G.; Moreira, Thaiane P.; Bambirra, Jordana L.; Queiroz, Victoria F.; Queiroz-Junior, Celso M.; Foureaux, Giselle; Souza, Danielle G.; Ribeiro, Fabiola M.; Yoon, Bo Kyeong; Wynendaele, Evelien; Spiegeleer, Bart De; Teixeira, Mauro M.; Cho, Nam-Joon