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2020Adsorption of perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in groundwater by granular activated carbons : roles of hydrophobicity of PFAS and carbon characteristicsPark, Minkyu; Wu, Shimin; Lopez, Israel J.; Chang, Joseph Y.; Karanfil, Tanju; Snyder, Shane Allen
2019Attenuation of pharmaceutically active compounds in aqueous solution by UV/CaO₂ process : influencing factors, degradation mechanism and pathwaysZheng, Ming; Daniels, Kevin D.; Park, Minkyu; Nienhauser, Alec Brockway; Clevenger, Erica C.; Li, Yongmei; Snyder, Shane Allen
 2021Formation and control of disinfection by-products from iodinated contrast media attenuation through sequential treatment processes of ozone-low pressure ultraviolet light followed by chlorinationLopez-Prieto, Israel J.; Park, Minkyu; AzadiAghdam, Mojtaba; Pan, Hongrui; Jones, Sara L.; Snyder, Shane Allen
2019Numerical model-based analysis of energy-efficient reverse osmosis (EERO) process : performance simulation and optimizationJeong, Kwanho; Park, Minkyu; Chong, Tzyy Haur
2019Strategies for selecting indicator compounds to assess attenuation of emerging contaminants during UV advanced oxidation processesYu, Hye-Weon; Park, Minkyu; Wu, Shimin; Lopez, Israel J.; Ji, Weikang; Scheideler, Jens; Snyder, Shane Allen