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 2012Dynamic partial least square path modeling for the front-end product design and developmentWithanage, Chathura; Park, Taezoon; Choi, Hae-Jin; Duc, Truong Ton Hien
 2012Effect of scenario media on elder adults' evaluation of human-robot interactionXu, Qianli; Ng, Jamie; Cheong, Yian Ling; Tan, Odelia Yiling; Wong, Ji Bin; Tay, Tiong Chee; Park, Taezoon
 2012Effect of scenario media on human-robot interaction evaluationXu, Qianli; Ng, Jamie Suat Ling; Cheong, Yian Ling; Tan, Odelia Yiling; Wong, Ji Bin; Tay, Benedict Tiong Chee; Park, Taezoon
 2012The effects of overall robot shape on the emotions invoked in users and the perceived personalities of robotHwang, Jihong; Park, Taezoon; Hwang, Wonil
 2012Emotional factors in advertising via mobile phonesPark, Taezoon; Salvendy, Gavriel
 2012Estimation of the free energy of hard-sphere crystals via a free-volume approachKwak, Sang Kyu; Park, Taezoon; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Lee, Jong-Min
 2015Methodological Issues in Scenario-Based Evaluation of Human–Robot InteractionXu, Qianli; Ng, Jamie; Tan, Odelia; Huang, Zhiyong; Tay, Benedict; Park, Taezoon
2015One size fits all? Challenges faced by physicians during shift handovers in a hospital with high sender/recipient ratioYang, Xi Jessie; Park, Taezoon; Siah, Tien Ho Kewin; Ang, Bee Leng Sophia; Donchin, Yoel
 2012Optimum subdivision of curved hull plates for efficient ship manufacture using minimum strain energyKim, Jung; Park, Jung Seo; Park, Taezoon; Shin, Jong Gye; Ko, Kwang Hee
 2012The role of social context in human-robot interactionCheong, Y. L.; Wong, J. B.; Tay, T. C.; Xu, Qianli; Ng, Jamie; Tan, Odelia Yiling; Park, Taezoon
 2013A second order geometric method for ray/parametric surface intersectionPark, Taezoon; Ji, Joonghyun; Ko, Kwang Hee
 2012Simulation of train induced forced wind draft for generating electrical power from Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)Chilugodu, Nikhita; Yoon, Yong-Jin; Chua, Kah Soon; Datta, Dhruv; Baek, Jong Dae; Park, Taezoon; Park, Woo-Tae