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 2018Effect of Dy substitution on the microstructure and magnetic properties of high (BH)max Nd-Dy-Fe-Co-B nanoparticles prepared by microwave processingTan, Xiao; Parmar, Harshida; Zhong, Yaoying; Chaudhary, Varun; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan
2018Heating efficiency dependency on size and morphology of magnetite nanoparticlesParekh, Kinnari; Parmar, Harshida; Sharma, Vinay; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2018High coercivity Dy substituted Nd-Fe-Co-B magnetic nanoparticles produced by mechanochemical processingZhong, Yaoying; Chaudhary, Varun; Tan, Xiao; Parmar, Harshida; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan
 2018Improved corrosion resistance of Co,Al-alloyed NdFeB magnetic nanostructures processed by microwave synthesis techniquesParmar, Harshida; Xiao, Tan; Yaoying, Z.; Chaudhary, Varun; Peng, Dongdong; Huang, Yizhong; Ramanujan, Raju V.
 2018Magnetocaloric properties and magnetic cooling performance of low-cost Fe75 − xCrxAl25 alloysSharma, Vinay; Pattanaik, Subhasish; Parmar, Harshida; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan
 2017Mechanochemical synthesis of high coercivity Nd2(Fe,Co)14B magnetic particlesZhong, Yaoying; Chaudhary, Varun; Tan, Xipeng; Parmar, Harshida; Ramanujan, Raju Virajaya
2018Mechanochemical synthesis of iron and cobalt magnetic metal nanoparticles and iron/calcium oxide and cobalt/calcium oxide nanocompositesChaudhary, Varun; Zhong, Yaoying; Parmar, Harshida; Sharma, Vinay; Tan, Xiao; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan
 2018Mechanochemically processed Nd−Fe−Co−Cr−B nanoparticles with high coercivity and reduced spin reorientation transition temperatureChaudhary, Varun; Zhong, Yaoying; Parmar, Harshida; Tan, Xiao; Ramanujan, Raju V
 2018Synthesis and reaction mechanism of high (BH)max exchange coupled Nd2(Fe,Co)14B/α-Fe nanoparticles by a novel one-pot microwave techniqueTan, Xiao; Parmar, Harshida; Chaudhary, Varun; Zhong, Yaoying; Ramanujan, Raju Vijayaraghavan