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2019Cross-modal size-contrast illusion : acoustic increases in intensity and bandwidth modulate haptic representation of object sizeUesaki, Maiko; Ashida, Hiroshi; Kitaoka, Akiyoshi; Pasqualotto, Achille
2019The effect of object compliance on the velvet hand illusionPasqualotto, Achille; Chai, Cindy Jia Yin; Ohka, Masahiro; Kitada, Ryo
2020Tactile perception of pleasantness in relation to perceived softnessPasqualotto, Achille; Ng, Megan; Tan, Zheng Yee; Kitada, Ryo
2019Vertical spatial representation of numbers across two culturesPasqualotto, Achille; Uesaki, Maiko; Ashida, Hiroshi