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2018Engineering escherichia coli for nanoparticle synthesis and targeting of colon cancerPasula, Rupali Reddy
2017Engineering nanoparticle synthesis using microbial factoriesPasula, Rupali Reddy; Lim, Sierin
2020Solid-state protein junctions : cross-laboratory study shows preservation of mechanism at varying electronic couplingMukhopadhyay, Sabyasachi; Karuppannan, Senthil Kumar; Guo, Cunlan; Fereiro, Jerry A.; Bergren, Adam; Mukundan, Vineetha; Qiu, Xinkai; Castañeda Ocampo, Olga E.; Chen, Xiaoping; Chiechi, Ryan C.; McCreery, Richard; Pecht, Israel; Sheves, Mordechai; Pasula, Rupali Reddy; Lim, Sierin; Nijhuis, Christian A.; Vilan, Ayelet; Cahen, David