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2017Divisible quantum dynamics satisfies temporal Tsirelson’s boundLe, Thao; Pollock, Felix A; Paterek, Tomasz; Paternostro, Mauro; Modi, Kavan
2016Excessive distribution of quantum entanglementZuppardo, Margherita; Krisnanda, Tanjung; Paterek, Tomasz; Bandyopadhyay, Somshubhro; Banerjee, Anindita; Deb, Prasenjit; Halder, Saronath; Modi, Kavan; Paternostro, Mauro
2020Observable quantum entanglement due to gravityKrisnanda, Tanjung; Tham, Guo Yao; Paternostro, Mauro; Paterek, Tomasz
2018Probing quantum features of photosynthetic organismsKrisnanda, Tanjung; Marletto, Chiara; Vedral, Vlatko; Paternostro, Mauro; Paterek, Tomasz
2017Revealing Nonclassicality of Inaccessible ObjectsKrisnanda, Tanjung; Zuppardo, Margherita; Paternostro, Mauro; Paterek, Tomasz