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 2017Establishment of an in vitro three‐dimensional model for cartilage damage in rheumatoid arthritisPeck, Yvonne; Leom, Li Ting; Low, Patricia Pei Fen; Wang, Dong-An
2015Optimization of chondrocyte isolation and phenotype characterization for cartilage tissue engineeringLau, Ting Ting; Peck, Yvonne; Huang, Weiliang; Wang, Dong-An
2015A preclinical evaluation of an autologous living hyaline-like cartilaginous graft for articular cartilage repair: a pilot studyPeck, Yvonne; He, Pengfei; Chilla, Geetha Soujanya V. N.; Poh, Chueh Loo; Wang, Dong-An
2015A versatile, engineered cartilage platform for tissue regeneration and disease modelingPeck, Yvonne