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 2018Affordances for sharing domain-specific and complex knowledge on enterprise social mediaPee, Loo Geok
 2018Affordances for the sharing of domain-specific knowledge on enterprise social mediaPee, Loo Geok
 2022Climate-intelligent cities and resilient urbanisation: challenges and opportunities for information researchPee, Loo Geok; Pan, Shan L.
2018Community’s knowledge need and knowledge sharing in WikipediaPee, Loo Geok
2016Customer co-creation in B2C e-commerce: does it lead to better new products?Pee, Loo Geok
2015Duration, frequency, and diversity of knowledge contribution: Differential effects of job characteristicsPee, Loo Geok; Chua, Alton Yeow Kuan
2018E-store loyalty: Longitudinal comparison of website usefulness and satisfactionPee, Loo Geok; Jiang, James; Klein, Gary
2012The effects of person-environment fit on employees' knowledge contributionPee, Loo Geok
2017Employees’ online knowledge sharing: the effects of person-environment fitPee, Loo Geok; Min, Jinyoung
 2019Enhancing the learning effectiveness of ill-structured problem solving with online co-creationPee, Loo Geok
2011Interaction of individual and social antecedents of learning effectiveness : a study in the IT research contextPee, Loo Geok; Kankanhalli, A.; Tan, G. W.; Chhatwal, S.
2015Interactions among factors influencing knowledge management in public-sector organizations: A resource-based viewKankanhalli, A.; Pee, Loo Geok
2015An m-leaming game for the study of humanitiesBanerjee, Snehasish; Chua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Pee, Loo Geok
2016Negative online consumer reviews : can the impact be mitigated?Pee, Loo Geok
2018Signaling effect of website usability on repurchase intentionJiang, James; Klein, Gary; Pee, Loo Geok
 2018Social informatics of intelligent manufacturing ecosystems : a case study of KuteSmartYing, Wenchi; Pee, Loo Geok; Jia, Suling
2018Trait motivations of crowdsourcing and task choice: A distal-proximal perspectivePee, Loo Geok; Koh, E; Goh, M
 2012Trust of information on social media : an elaboration likelihood modelPee, Loo Geok
 2020Usable, in-use, and useful research : a 3U framework for demonstrating practice impactPan, S. L.; Pee, Loo Geok
2021Who sells knowledge online? An exploratory study of knowledge celebrities in ChinaChen, Xiaoyu; Chua, Alton Yeow Kuan; Pee, Loo Geok