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2017Effect of Polymer Matrix on the Structure and Electric Properties of Piezoelectric Lead Zirconatetitanate/Polymer CompositesLi, Rui; Zhou, Jun; Liu, Hujun; Pei, Jianzhong
 2018Effects of conductive carbon black on PZT/PVDF compositesLi, Rui; Guo, Qiqi; Shi, Zhiliang; Pei, Jianzhong
2018Harvesting energy from pavement based on piezoelectric effects : fabrication and electric properties of piezoelectric vibratorLi, Rui; Yu, Yi; Zhou, Bochao; Guo, Qiqi; Li, Mingming; Pei, Jianzhong
2017Mechanical property and analysis of asphalt components based on molecular dynamics simulationLi, Rui; Guo, Qiqi; Du, Hui; Pei, Jianzhong
 2017Optimal synthetic conditions for oxetane-substituted chitosan (OXE-CHI) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) network self-healing agentLi, Rui; Chen, Jiaqi; Zhou, Tianshu; Pei, Jianzhong