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2018Enabling controlling complex networks with local topological informationLi, Guoqi; Deng, Lei; Xiao, Gaoxi; Tang, Pei; Wen, Changyun; Hu, Wuhua; Pei, Jing; Shi, Luping; Stanley, H. Eugene
2015Minimum-cost control of complex networksLi, Guoqi; Hu, Wuhua; Xiao, Gaoxi; Deng, Lei; Tang, Pei; Pei, Jing; Shi, Luping
 2018Optimization on matrix manifold based on gradient information and its applications in network controlLi, Guoqi; Tang, Pei; Meng, Ziyang; Wen, Changyun; Pei, Jing; Shi, Luping
2016Temperature based restricted boltzmann machinesLi, Guoqi; Deng, Lei; Xu, Yi; Wen, Changyun; Wang, Wei; Pei, Jing; Shi, Luping