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 2013Accelerating the design of biomimetic materials by integrating RNA-seq with proteomics and materials scienceGuerette, Paul A; Hoon, Shawn; Seow, Yiqi; Raida, Manfred; Masic, Admir; Wong, Fong T; Ho, Vincent H B; Kong, Kiat Whye; Demirel, Melik C; Pena-Francesch, Abdon; Amini, Shahrouz; Tay, Gavin Z; Ding, Dawei; Miserez, Ali
 2014Pressure sensitive adhesion of an elastomeric protein complex extracted from squid ring teethPena-Francesch, Abdon; Akgun, Bulent; Miserez, Ali; Zhu, Wenpeng; Gao, Huajian; Demirel, Melik C.