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 2012Broadband terahertz plasmonic response of touching InSb disksHanham, S. M.; Fernández-Domínguez, A. I.; Teng, Jing Hua; Ang, S. S.; Lim, K. P.; Yoon, Soon Fatt; Ngo, C. Y.; Klein, N.; Pendry, J. B.; Maier, Stefan A.
2015Designing Plasmonic Gratings with Transformation OpticsLuo, Yu; Kraft, Matthias; Maier, D. A.; Pendry, J. B.
2012Theory of Three-Dimensional Nanocrescent Light HarvestersWiener, Aeneas; Pendry, J. B.; Fernández-Domínguez, A. I.; Luo, Yu; Maier, Stefan A.
2014Transformation optics and hidden symmetriesKraft, Matthias; Pendry, J. B.; Maier, S. A.; Luo, Yu
 2016Transformation optics applied to van der Waals interactionsZhao, Rongkuo; Luo, Yu; Pendry, J. B.
 2016Transformation Optics: A Time- and Frequency-Domain Analysis of Electron-Energy Loss SpectroscopyKraft, Matthias; Luo, Yu; Pendry, J. B.
2015Transforming the optical landscapePendry, J. B.; Luo, Yu; Zhao, Rongkuo