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 2014Designing non-native iron-binding site on a protein cage for biological synthesis of nanoparticlesPeng, Tao; Paramelle, David; Sana, Barindra; Lee, Chiu Fan; Lim, Sierin
 2015Development of a protein nanoparticle platform for targeting EGFR expressing cancer cellsBuecheler, Jakob W.; Howard, Christopher B.; de Bakker, Christopher J.; Goodall, Stephen; Jones, Martina L.; Win, Thinzar; Peng, Tao; Tan, Cher Heng; Chopra, Akhil; Mahler, Stephen M.; Lim, Sierin
2012Investigating the influence of ionic concentrations and subunit interactions on the self-assembly of E2 proteinPeng, Tao; Tan, Sze Wah; Dharmawan, Ratna Ekawati; Lim, Sierin
 2012Isolating a trimer intermediate in the self-assembly of E2 protein cagePeng, Tao; Lee, Hwankyu; Lim, Sierin