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2014Ab-initio study of donor-acceptor codoping for n-type CuOPeng, Yuan; Zheng, Jianwei; Wu, Ping; Wang, Junling
2015Cupric oxide as low-cost photovoltaic material : a combined DFT and experimental studyPeng, Yuan
2012Density functional theory analysis of dopants in cupric oxideZhang, Zhen; Pham, Thien Viet; Zhao, Yang; Wu, Ping; Wang, Junling; Peng, Yuan
2013Photocarrier generation in CuxO thin films deposited by radio frequency sputteringPham, Thien Viet; Rao, Manohar; Andreasson, P.; Peng, Yuan; Wang, Junling; Jinesh, K. B.