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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Ancient names origins. Water roots and place-names in the prehistoric ligurian contextPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2014Beyond Etymology: Historical Reconstruction and Diachronic Toponomastics through the Lens of a New Convergence TheoryPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2015Continuity in European Toponomastics: The (Pre-)Indo-European *kar- / *kal- Root in the Pre-Latin Ligurian ToponymyPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2014Diachronic Toponomastics and Etymology: Epistemological Proposals According to the New Convergence TheoryPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2015Diachronic Toponomastics and Language Reconstruction in South-East Asia According to an Experimental Convergent Methodology: Abui as a Case-StudyPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco; Cavallaro, Francesco; Kratochvíl, František
2013Ferner Ursprung. Die "Wasserstädte" von Olbicella und die Wurzel von *alb-Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2018Lamòling Bèaka: immanence, rituals, and sacred objects in an unwritten legend in AlorPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco; Cavallaro, Francesco
2017The Legend of Lamòling: Unwritten Memories and Diachronic Toponymy through the Lens of an Abui MythPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco; Cavallaro, Francesco
2015Legendary Place Names: Coastal Micro-Toponomastics in Alor through the Lens of an Abui MythPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
 2017Linear A and Minoan : some new old questionsPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
 2019Linear A libation tables : a semitic connection exploredEu Min, Niki Cassandra; Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco; Cavallaro, Francesco Paolo
2012The Long Transition. The Acquese Territory in the Iron AgePerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2016Mapping and Visualizing Linguistic and Territorial Convergent Data Imola and Its Environment as a Case StudyPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco; Giberti, Mario; Andrea Nanetti
2015Minoan Linguistic Resources: The Linear A Digital CorpusPetrolito, Tommaso; Petrolito, Ruggero; Winterstein, Grégoire; Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2016The Origins of Naming Process: Toponymic Archaeology of Two Indo-European Place NamesPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2012Philosophical and Religious Syncretism in the Deus Omnipotens Hymn by Tiberianus (Sincretismo filosofico-religioso e tradizione nell'inno al deus omnipotens di Tiberiano)Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2015Pre-Indo-European Relics: The *borm- Root in the European Pre-Latin ContextPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2011Remote Origins: 'Water Towns', Olbicella, and the root *alb- (Origini remote. Il caso delle “città d’acqua”, di Olbicella e della radice *alb-)Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2012Remote Origins: The case of 'Water Towns', of Olbicella, and of root *alb-Perono Cacciafoco, Francesco
2018Roots from the Archipelago : Proto-Alor etymologies in the context of Alor languagesPerono Cacciafoco, Francesco; Cavallaro, Francesco