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20193D printing of curved concrete surfaces using Adaptable Membrane FormworkLim, Jian Hui; Weng, Yiwei; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2018A certified-complete bimanual manipulation plannerLertkultanon, Puttichai; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2014Completeness of randomized kinodynamic planners with state-based steeringCaron, Stephane; Pham, Quang-Cuong; Nakamura, Yoshihiko
2018Improving flexural characteristics of 3D printed geopolymer composites with in-process steel cable reinforcementLim, Jian Hui; Panda, Biranchi; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2018Large-scale 3D printing by a team of mobile robotsTay, Daniel Yi Wei; Zhang, Xu; Li, Mingyang; Lim, Jian Hui; Weng, Yiwei; Pham, Hung; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2018A new approach to time-optimal path parameterization based on reachability analysisPham, Hung; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2019Planning coordinated motions for tethered planar mobile robotsZhang, Xu; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2016Robotic 3D-Printing for Building and ConstructionLim, Jian Hui; Pham, Quang-Cuong; Pham, Tien Hung
2018Robotic manipulation of a rotating chainPham, Hung; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2017The silhouette zoetrope : a new blend of motion, mirroring, depth, and size illusionsVeras, Christine; Pham, Quang-Cuong; Maus, Gerrit W.
2015A Single-Query Manipulation PlannerLertkultanon, Puttichai; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2019Smart sensing and adaptive reasoning for enabling industrial robots with interactive human-robot capabilities in dynamic environments — a case studyZabalza, Jaime; Fei, Zixiang; Wong, Cuebong; Yan, Yijun; Mineo, Carmelo; Yang, Erfu; Rodden, Tony; Mehnen, Jorn; Pham, Quang-Cuong; Ren, Jinchang
2019Spatter transport by inert gas flow in selective laser melting : a simulation studyAhmad Bin Anwar; Ibrahim, Imran Halimi; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2018Spattering in selective laser melting : a review of spatter formation, effects and countermeasuresAhmad Anwar; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2018Study of the spatter distribution on the powder bed during selective laser meltingAhmad Bin Anwar; Pham, Quang-Cuong
2016Time-optimal parabolic interpolation with velocity, acceleration, and minimum-switch-time constraintsLertkultanon, Puttichai; Pham, Quang-Cuong