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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20163D game development cube-It : back end web app developmentHshieh, Yeu Yann
20163D game development Cube-It : customized furniture and product designLai, Shi Min
20163D game development cube-it : front-end web app developmentLee, Alyssa Jay Lin
20133D modeling of the anterior segment of the human eye from OCT imagesFoo, Shi Kai.
20183D Modelling of Cube-It Toys for older childrenTan, Jia Yue
20183D modelling of cube-it toys for younger childrenNeo, Jeremiah Shengle
2016Android application for serial wound assessmentJiang, Fangyuan
2019App development for the SociaLight prototype 2Chung, Zhan Foong
2013Artefact removal for neonatal electroencephalogramHou, Yuan.
2010Automatic billing counterfeit detection for SGD moneyArun Ramchandani.
2013Automatic knee segmentation from multi-contrast MR imagesZhang, Kunlei
2011Comparison of diverse compressed sensing algorithms in rapid magnetic resonance imagingJing, Jin
2010Creating a visual music interface via emotion detectionLim, Clement Shi Hong.
2018Creating children animation with Cube-It ToysWoon, Arombo Yen Cheng
2018Denoising ECG signalsOh, Melissa Kai Zhen
2019Design and development of construction play applicationTang, Xiongyi
2019Design of an interactive tool for EvokubeChua, Benny Wei Liang
2018Design of the interactive Cube-It Toys toolAmaran Sukumaran
2014Developing a fast acquisition and reconstruction method for 3D objectsLiu, Hong Kai
2011Developing a method for film colorizationKokas, Kshitij.