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2018Effect of the interaction distance on 614 nm red emission from Eu3+ ions due to the energy transfer from ZnO-nc to Eu3+ ionsMangalam, Vivek; Pita, Kantisara
2017Energy Transfer Efficiency from ZnO-Nanocrystals to Eu3+ Ions Embedded in SiO2 Film for Emission at 614 nmMangalam, Vivek; Pita, Kantisara
2002Research and development of rare earth doped materials by sol-gel process for photonics applicationXiang, Qing
2018Solution grown double heterostructure on large hybrid halide perovskite crystalHettiarachchi, Chathuranga; Birowosuto, Muhammad Danang; Nguyen, Tienhoa; Ahmad, Riyas; Pita, Kantisara; Mathews, Nripan; Dang, Cuong
2016Study of energy transfer mechanism from ZnO nanocrystals to Eu3+ ionsMangalam, Vivek; Pita, Kantisara; Couteau, Christophe
2019White light emission from thin-film samples of ZnO nanocrystals, Eu3+ and Tb3+ ions embedded in an SiO2 matrixMangalam, Vivek; Pita, Kantisara