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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Asian monetary fund : getting nearerPradumna B. Rana
2011Cannes Summit : make G20 Plus transparentPradumna B. Rana
2013Connectivity in Asia : reviving the old Silk Road?Pradumna B. Rana
2011East Asia Summit : streamlining the regional architecture?Pradumna B. Rana
2014Economic intergration between South Asia and East Asia : a perception survey of asian opinion leadersPradumna B. Rana; Chia, Wai-Mun
2015Economic Policy Reforms In South Asia: An Overview And The Remaining AgendaPradumna B. Rana; Chia, Wai-Mun
2012Eurozone crisis : will reforms be enough?Pradumna B. Rana
2013The eurozone crisis and its impact on AsiaMichael Blomenhofer; Pradumna B. Rana
2010Evolving global economic architecture : will we have a new Bretton Woods?Pradumna B. Rana
2012The evolving multi-layered global financial safety net : role of AsiaPradumna B. Rana
2010G20 Summit : how Asia can strengthen its voicePradumna B. Rana
2011IMF : next head will not be from AsiaPradumna B. Rana
2012IMF/World Bank Tokyo meeting : no major outcome expectedPradumna B. Rana
2013LEP2 : phase two of South Asia's "look east" policies?Chia, Wai-Mun; Pradumna B. Rana
2017Modi’s economic reforms : On-track ?Pradumna B. Rana
2012Monetary integration in ASEAN+3 : the next stepsPradumna B. Rana
2010Reform of the international financial architecture : how can Asia have a greater impact in the G20?Pradumna B. Rana
2013Reforming the global financial architecture : is the world a safer place?Pradumna B. Rana
2014The revival of the silk roads (lands connectivity) in AsiaPradumna B. Rana; Chia, Wai-Mun
2010Seoul G20 Summit : will it adopt Singapore’s 3G ideas?Pradumna B. Rana