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2019CARF-net : CNN attention and RNN fusion network for video-based person reidentificationPrasad, Dilip Kumar; Kansal, Kajal; Venkata, Subramanyam; Kankanhalli, Mohan
2019Efficient pose estimation from single RGB-D image via Hough forest with auto-contextDong, Huixu; Prasad, Dilip Kumar; Yuan, Qilong; Zhou, Jiadong; Asadi, Ehsan; Chen, I-Ming
2017Eigen-analysis reveals components supporting super-resolution imaging of blinking fluorophoresAgarwal, Krishna; Prasad, Dilip Kumar
 2018Fast ellipse detection via gradient information for robotic manipulation of cylindrical objectsDong, Huixu; Sun, Guangbin; Pang, Wee-Ching; Asadi, Ehsan; Prasad, Dilip Kumar; Chen, I-Ming
 2019Inverse estimation of variable thermal parameters in a functionally graded annular fin using dragon fly optimizationMallick, Ashis; Ranjan, Rajiv; Prasad, Dilip Kumar
2018Non-heuristic automatic techniques for overcoming low signal-to-noise-ratio bias of localization microscopy and multiple signal classification algorithmAgarwal, Krishna; Macháň, Radek; Prasad, Dilip Kumar
2018Object detection in a maritime environment : performance evaluation of background subtraction methodsPrasath, Chandrashekar Krishna; Rajan, Deepu; Rachmawati, Lily; Rajabally, Eshan; Quek, Chai; Prasad, Dilip Kumar
2018Real-time robotic manipulation of cylindrical objects in dynamic scenarios through elliptic shape primitivesDong, Huixu; Asadi, Ehsan; Sun, Guangbin; Prasad, Dilip Kumar; Chen, I-Ming
 2018Robust ellipse detection via duality principle with a false determination controlDong, Huixu; Chen, I-Ming; Prasad, Dilip Kumar
 2018Sentiment analysis using EEG activities for suicidologyPrasad, Dilip Kumar; Liu, Shijie; Chen, Annabel Shen-Hsing; Quek, Chai
 2019Stresses in radiative annular fin under thermal loading and its inverse modeling using sine cosine algorithm (SCA)Mallick, Ashis; Prasad, Dilip Kumar; Behera, Pratyush Prasanna
2018Thermo-mechanical analysis of a radiative annular finMallick, Ashis; Prasad, Dilip Kumar; Behera, Pratyush P.