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1999Application of wavelet techniques for CDMA generationTham, Yew Hua.
2003Audio coding for the wireless channelNg, Wei Keng.
1994Design and implementation of a reconfigurable machine for massively parallel neural computation (RM-nc)Erdogan, Sevki Serkan; Abdul Wahab; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin; Lee, Keok Kee; Srikantan, T.; Leong, Peng Chor
1999High performance VLSI arithmetic macrocellsThambipillai Srikanthan; Damodaran Radhakrishnan; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin
2012Multi-user interference and cross correlation effects of spline multiwavelet based cognitive radio networkMathew, Manju; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin; Lau, Chiew Tong
 2013A new RNS based DA approach for inner product computationVun, Chan Hua; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin; Zhang, Wei
2013A new RNS based DA approach for inner product computationVun, Chan Hua; Zhang, Wei; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin
2001Novel approach to the design and realization of quadrature mirror filtersVinod, Achutavarrier Prasad
 2002A novel method for wavelet quantization of noisy speechMadhukumar, A. S.; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin; Abut, H.
 2012Performance study of vertical acoustic vector sensor array based 3-D position tracking in a shallow ocean environmentZhong, Xionghu; Madadi, Zahra; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin
 2002Speech restoration from LPC parameters corrupted by channel noisePremkumar, Annamalai Benjamin; Ang, Eeluang; Madhukumar, A. S.
2012Thermometer code based modular arithmeticVun, Chan Hua; Premkumar, Annamalai Benjamin