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2013CFD modelling of abdominal aortic aneurysm on hemodynamic loads using a realistic geometry with CTNg, E. Y. K.; Loong, T. H.; Soudah, Eduardo; Bordone, Maurizio; Pua, Uei; Narayanan, Sriram
2018Cone-beam CT acquisition during transradial TACE made easy; use of the swivel arm boardPua, Uei; Teo, Chia Chia; U, Pe Thet; Quek, Lawrence Han Hwee
2019Embolization of a bronchial artery – pulmonary artery arterio – venous malformationPua, Uei; Quek, Lawrence Han Hwee; Ahmed, Aneez Dokev Basheer
 2018Feasibility study of “snuffbox” radial access for visceral interventionsPua, Uei; Sim, Jordan Zheng Ting; Quek, Lawrence Han Hwee; Kwan, Justin; Lim, Gavin Hock Tai; Huang, Ivan Kuang Hsin
 2017“Snuffbox” distal radial accessPua, Uei; Quek, Lawrence Han Hwee