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2021Advanced thermally drawn multimaterial fibers: structure-enabled functionalitiesWang, Zhe; Chen, Mengxiao; Zheng, Yu; Zhang, Jing; Wang, Zhixun; Yang, Jiao; Zhang, Qichong; He, Bing; Qi, Miao; Zhang, Haozhe; Li, Kaiwei; Wei, Lei
2020Designer patterned functional fibers via direct imprinting in thermal drawingWang, Zhe; Wu, Tingting; Wang, Zhixun; Zhang, Ting; Chen, Mengxiao; Zhang, Jing; Liu, Lin; Qi, Miao; Zhang, Qichong; Yang, Jiao; Liu, Wei; Chen, Haisheng; Luo, Yu; Wei, Lei
2021Flexible tactile sensor based on patterned ag-nanofiber electrodes through electrospinningChen, Mengxiao; Wang, Zhe; Zheng, Yu; Zhang, Qichong; He, Bing; Yang, Jiao; Qi, Miao; Wei, Lei
2018Highly sensitive gas refractometers based on optical microfiber modal interferometers operating at dispersion turning pointZhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Li, Kaiwei; Zhang, Nan; Zheng, Yu; Zhang, Ting; Qi, Miao; Shum, Ping; Wei, Lei
2020Hybrid plasmonic fiber-optic sensorsQi, Miao; Zhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Li, Kaiwei; Tjin, Swee Chuan; Wei, Lei
2019One-step synthesis of cyclodextrin-capped gold nanoparticles for ultra-sensitive and highly-integrated plasmonic biosensorsZhang, Nancy Meng Ying; Qi, Miao; Wang, Zhixun; Wang, Zhe; Chen, Mengxiao; Li, Kaiwei; Shum, Ping; Wei, Lei
2021Photonics sensing enabled by multimaterial and multifunctional fibersQi, Miao
 2020Rational construction of self-standing sulfur-doped Fe2O3 anodes with promoted energy storage capability for wearable aqueous rechargeable NiCo-Fe batteriesYang, Jiao; Zhang, Qichong; Wang, Zhixun; Wang, Zhe; Kang, Lixing; Qi, Miao; Chen, Mengxiao; Liu, Wen; Gong, Wenbin; Lu, Weibang; Shum, Perry Ping; Wei, Lei
2022Recent progress of fiber-based transistors: materials, structures and applicationsZhang, Haozhe; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; He, Bing; Chen, Mengxiao; Qi, Miao; Liu, Yanting; Xin, Jiwu; Wei, Lei
2021Ultrasensitive exhaled breath sensors based on anti-resonant hollow core fiber with in situ grown ZnO-Bi₂O₃ nanosheetsLiu, Wei; Zheng, Yu; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Zhixun; Yang, Jiao; Chen, Mengxiao; Qi, Miao; Rehman, Shafiq Ur; Shum, Perry Ping; Zhu, Ling; Wei, Lei