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 2018Analytical models for channel potential and drain current in AlGaN/GaN HEMT devicesQian, Haisheng; Hu, Guangxi; Hu, Laigui; Zhou, Xing; Liu, Ran; Zheng, Lirong
 2012Microwave-assisted non-aqueous route to deposit well-dispersed ZnO nanocrystals on reduced graphene oxide sheets with improved photoactivity for the decolorization of dyes under visible lightLiu, Yu; Hu, Yong; Zhou, Mojiao; Qian, Haisheng; Hu, Xiao
 2012Photocatalytic studies of CdS nanoparticles assembled on carbon microsphere surfaces with different interface structures : from amorphous to graphite-like carbonLiu, Yu; Zhou, Mojiao; Hu, Yong; Qian, Haisheng; Chen, Jiafu; Hu, Xiao