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 2020Biotransformation of phosphorus in enhanced biological phosphorus removal sludge biocharQian, Tingting; Lu, Dan; Soh, Annie Yan Ni; Webster, Richard David; Zhou, Yan
 2020Boosting the activity and environmental stability of nanoscale zero-valent iron by montmorillonite supporting and sulfidation treatmentXu, Bu-De; Li, De-Chang; Qian, Tingting; Jiang, Hong
 2021Insights into thermal hydrolyzed sludge liquor - identification of plant-growth-promoting compoundsLu, Dan; Qian, Tingting; Le, Chencheng; Pan, Chaozhi; Cao, Shenbin; Ng, Wun Jern; Zhou, Yan
 2021Interaction of perfluorooctanoic acid with extracellular polymeric substances - role of proteinYan, Wangwang; Qian, Tingting; Zhang, Liang; Wang, Li; Zhou, Yan
 2020Layered oxides supported Co-Fe bimetal catalyst for carbamazepine degradation via the catalytic activation of peroxymonosulfateSun, Qing-Ting; Xu, Bu-De; Yang, Jing; Qian, Tingting; Jiang, Hong
 2020Liquid and solids separation for target resource recovery from thermal hydrolyzed sludgeLu, Dan; Wu, Dan; Qian, Tingting; Jiang, Jiankai; Cao, Shenbin; Zhou, Yan
2020Micro-level evaluation of organic compounds transformation in anaerobic digestion under feast and famine conditions assisted by iron-based materials - revealing the true mechanism of AD enhancementYan, Wangwang; Qian, Tingting; Soh, Annie Yan Ni; Zhou, Yan
 2022A potential phosphorus fertilizer to alleviate the coming "phosphorus crisis"-biochar derived from enhanced biological phosphorus removal sludgeQian, Tingting; Ong, Wei Sern; Lu, Dan; Zhou, Yan
 2021Thermal hydrolyzed food waste liquor as liquid organic fertilizerGao, Shumei; Lu, Dan; Qian, Tingting; Zhou, Yan
2018Transformation of phosphorus in sewage sludge biochar mediated by a phosphate-solubilizing microorganismQian, Tingting; Yang, Qin; Jun, Desmond Chua Feng; Dong, Feng; Zhou, Yan