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2016Benefits of Imperfect Conflict Resolution Advisory Aids for Future Air Traffic ControlTrapsilawati, Fitri; Wickens, Christopher D.; Qu, Xingda; Chen, Chun-Hsien
 2012Differences in lower extremity muscular responses between successful and failed balance recovery after slipsLew, Fui Ling; Qu, Xingda; Hu, Xinyao
2013Effects of personal factors on lifting patternsHo, Kin Ming.
 2013An individual-specific gait pattern prediction model based on generalized regression neural networksLuu, Trieu Phat; Qu, Xingda; Lim, H. B.; Hoon, K. H.; Low, K. H.
 2012Lower-extremity bracing can improve postural stability during walkingQu, Xingda; Lew, Fui Ling
 2012Modelling 3D control of upright stance using an optimal control strategyQu, Xingda; Nussbaum, Maury A.
 2017A novel phase-aligned analysis on motion patterns of table tennis strokesZhang, Zhiqing; Halkon, Ben; Chou, Siaw Meng; Qu, Xingda
2015Shoulder Joint Angle Errors Caused by Marker OffsetZhang, Zhiqing; Halkon, Ben; Chou, Siaw Meng; Qu, Xingda
 2012Uncontrolled manifold analysis of gait variability : effects of load carriage and fatigueQu, Xingda