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2006Contemporary terrorism and intelligenceDearlove, Sir Richard; Quiggin, Tom
2007Faint signals and a new form of jihadism : host community supported jihadismQuiggin, Tom; Acharya, Arabinda
2006Future of strategic early warningQuiggin, Tom; Kumar Ramakrishna
2006"Iconic Soft Targets"? Public Housing Estates, Terrorism and Social ResilienceRamakrishna, Kumar; Vasu, Norman; Quiggin, Tom
2006Israel's response : a strategic misstep with global implications?Kumar Ramakrishna; Quiggin, Tom; Hoo, Tiang Boon
2006Networked cooperation and diversity for the futureQuiggin, Tom
2006People power in the war on terrorismNorman Vasu; Quiggin, Tom
2006Singapore's Darwinian imperative : survival in a complex and uncertain worldKumar Ramakrishna; Quiggin, Tom
2006Time for a different approach in the war on terrorism?Quiggin, Tom
2007Tyranny of the tacticalDearlove, Sir Richard; Quiggin, Tom
2007What if Iran is attacked?Acharya, Arabinda; Quiggin, Tom