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2021The associations between imageability of positive and negative valence words and fear reactivityRaghunath, Bindiya Lakshmi; Mulatti, Claudio; Neoh, Michelle Jin-Yee; Bornstein, Marc H.; Esposito, Gianluca
2018The long-term memory benefits of a daytime nap compared with crammingLook, Carol; Cousins, James N.; Wong, Kian F.; Raghunath, Bindiya Lakshmi; Chee, Michael W. L.
2019Neural underpinnings of dynamic in-groups and out-groups based on ethnicity and culture in multicultural societiesRaghunath, Bindiya Lakshmi
2021Predicting mother and child emotional availability in Singaporean bilingual English and Mandarin dyads : a multilevel approach to the specificity principleEsposito, Gianluca; Raghunath, Bindiya Lakshmi; Azhari, Atiqah; Setoh, Peipei; Bornstein, Marc H.