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2021Anti-inflammatory potential of simvastatin loaded nanoliposomes in 2D and 3D foam cell modelsRakshit, Moumita; Darwitan, Anastasia; Muktabar, Aristo; Das, Prativa; Nguyen, Luong T. H.; Cao, Ye; Vizetto-Duarte, Catarina; Tang, Jinkai; Wong, Yee Shan; Venkatraman, Subbu; Ng, Kee Woei
2020Composite hydrogels in three-dimensional in vitro modelsZhao, Zhitong; Vizetto-Duarte, Catarina; Moay, Zi Kuang; Setyawati, Magdiel Inggrid; Rakshit, Moumita; Kathawala, Mustafa Hussain; Ng, Kee Woei
 2018Human keratinocytes adapt to ZnO nanoparticles induced toxicity via complex paracrine crosstalk and Nrf2-proteasomal signal transductionWu, Zhuoran; Yang, Haibo; Archana, Gautam; Rakshit, Moumita; Ng, Kee Woei; Tay, Chor Yong
2020Hydroxyapatite particles induced modulation of collagen expression and secretion in primary human dermal fibroblastsRakshit, Moumita; Gautam, Archana; Toh, Li Zhen; Lee, Ying Shi; Lai, Hui Ying; Wong, Tina T.; Ng, Kee Woei
2021Liposome interaction with macrophages and foam cells for atherosclerosis treatment : effects of size, surface charge and lipid compositionTang, Jinkai; Rakshit, Moumita; Chua, Huei Min; Darwitan, Anastasia; Nguyen, Luong T. H.; Muktabar, Aristo; Venkatraman, Subbu; Ng, Kee Woei
2017Lysosomal interplay between ubiquitination and phosphorylation regulates chaperone-mediated autophagyRakshit, Moumita
 2021Self-assembled nanofibrous marine collagen matrix accelerates healing of full-thickness woundsLiu, Shao Qiong; Wen, Feng; Muthukumaran, Padmalosini; Rakshit, Moumita; Lau, Chau-Sang; Yu, Na; Suryani, Luvita; Dong, Yibing; Teoh, Swee-Hin
2021Synergistic effect of PVDF-coated PCL-TCP scaffolds and pulsed electromagnetic field on osteogenesisDong, Yibing; Suryani, Luvita; Zhou, Xinran; Muthukumaran, Padmalosini; Rakshit, Moumita; Yang, Fengrui; Wen, Feng; Hassanbhai, Ammar Mansoor; Parida, Kaushik; Simon, Daniel T.; Iandolo, Donata; Lee, Pooi See; Ng, Kee Woei; Teoh, Swee-Hin
2021Ultrasonic implantation and imaging of sound-sensitive theranostic agents for the treatment of arterial inflammationSu, Xiaoqian; Rakshit, Moumita; Das, Prativa; Gupta, Ipshita; Das, Dhiman; Pramanik, Manojit; Ng, Kee Woei; Kwan, James
2019Understanding the implications of engineered nanoparticle induced autophagy in human epidermal keratinocytes in vitroGautam, Archana; Rakshit, Moumita; Nguyen, Kim Truc; Kathawala, Mustafa Hussain; Nguyen, Luong Thi Hien; Tay, Chor Yong; Wong, Esther; Ng, Kee Woei