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2019Can a humanoid robot be part of the organizational workforce? A user study leveraging sentiment analysisMishra, Nidhi; Ramanathan, Manoj; Satapathy, Ranjan; Cambria, Erik; Magnenat-Thalmann, Nadia
2019Combining pose-invariant kinematic features and object context features for RGB-D action recognitionRamanathan, Manoj; Kochanowicz, Jaroslaw; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat
2014Human action recognition with video data : research and evaluation challengesRamanathan, Manoj; Yau, Wei-Yun; Teoh, Eam Khwang
 2019Mutually reinforcing motion-pose framework for pose invariant action recognitionRamanathan, Manoj; Yau, Wei-Yun; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat; Teoh, Eam Khwang
2019Nadine humanoid social robotics platformRamanathan, Manoj; Mishra, Nidhi; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat
2018Pose-invariant kinematic features for action recognitionRamanathan, Manoj; Yau, Wei-Yun; Teoh, Eam Khwang; Thalmann, Nadia Magnenat