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2011Anisotropy induced large exchange bias behavior in ball milled Ni–Co–Mn–Sb alloysNayak, Ajaya K.; Sahoo, Roshnee; Suresh, K. G.; Nigam, A. K.; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2014Bio inspired Magnet-polymer (Magpol) actuatorsAhmed, Anansa S.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2007Cobalt-ferrite nanobowl arrays : curved magnetic nanostructuresSrivastava, A. K.; Madhavi, S.; Ramanujan, R. V.; White, Timothy John
 2014Effect of 100MeV Ag+7 ion irradiation on the bulk and surface magnetic properties of Co-Fe-Si thin filmsHysen, T.; Geetha, P.; Al-Harthi, Salim; Al-Omari, I. A.; Lisha, R.; Ramanujan, R. V.; Sakthikumar, D.; Avasthi, D. K.; Anantharaman, M. R.
 2014Enhancing the coercivity, thermal stability and exchange coupling of nano-composite (Nd,Dy,Y)–Fe–B alloys with reduced Dy content by Zr additionZhao, L. Z.; Qian, D. Y.; Liu, Z. W.; Zheng, Z. G.; Gao, X. X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2011History-dependent nucleation and growth of the martensitic phase in the magnetic shape memory alloy Ni45Co5Mn38Sn12Banerjee, A.; Chaddah, P.; Dash, S.; Kumar, Kranti; Lakhani, Archana; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
 2013Low-temperature synthesis and nanomagnetism of large-area α-Fe2O3 nanobeltsZhong, Minglong; Liu, Zhongwu; Yu, Hongya; Zhong, Xichun; Zeng, Dechang; Ramanujan, R. V.
2015The magnetic phase transition in Mn1.1Fe0.9P1−xGex magnetocaloric alloysChen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2014Magnetocaloric properties and critical behavior of high relative cooling power FeNiB nanoparticlesChaudhary, V.; Maheswar Repaka, D. V.; Chaturvedi, A.; Sridhar, I.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2018Magnetocaloric properties of low-cost Fe and Sn substituted MnNiSi-based alloys exhibiting a magnetostructural transition near room temperatureDeepak, Kamble; Ramanujan, R. V.
 2022A novel magnetic cooling device for long distance heat transferPattanaik, M. S.; Cheekati, S. K.; Varma, Vijaykumar Babulalji; Ramanujan, R. V.
 2010A novel method to synthesize cobalt oxide (Co3O4) nanowires from cobalt (Co) nanobowlsSrivastava, A. K.; Madhavi, S.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2003Patterned self assembled nanomagnetic arrays for massive data storage applicationsRamanujan, R. V.
 2018Thermal stability, magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of Gd55Co35M10 (M = Si, Zr and Nb) melt-spun ribbonsJiao, D. L.; Zhong, X. C.; Zhang, H.; Qiu, W. Q.; Liu, Z. W.; Ramanujan, R. V.
2011Tuning the austenite and martensite phase fraction in ferromagnetic shape memory alloy ribbons of Ni45Co5Mn38Sn12Lakhani, Archana; Dash, S.; Banerjee, A.; Chaddah, P.; Chen, X.; Ramanujan, R. V.