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 2011Ethanol dehydration activity on hydrothermally stable LaPxOy catalysts synthesized using CTAB templateGoh, Yi Ling Eileen; Gwie, C. G.; Chang, Jie; White, Timothy John; Borgna, Armando; Ramesh, Kanaparthi
 2012Structure and surface reactivity of WO42– , SO42– , PO43– modified Ca-hydroxyapatite catalysts and their activity in ethanol conversionRamesh, Kanaparthi; Goh, Eileen Yi Ling; Gwie, C. G.; White, Timothy John; Borgna, Armando
 2012Zinc hydroxyapatite catalyst for decomposition of 2-propanolLow, Hou Ran; Avdeev, Maxim; Ramesh, Kanaparthi; White, Timothy John